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We are delighted to have joined up with BLUE LIGHT CARD, the leading discount service for the emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces, providing their members with thousands of amazing discounts online.

We have kept it simple and easy to calculate the savings.

There aren't many deals, but those we created are perfect for people that want to try floating for the first time, and if you realy enjoy it, then we have a unique, special priced membership.

Once you decide what Fkloat Experience you want, click on the link below, at checkout add your unique CODE as shown in your BLC website, and the discount will be applied accordingly.


Deals as follows:

1 x 1 hour float experience 10% OFF

Ask us about our membership offer....

Terms & Conditions (abv)

Our full Terms and Conditions of sale should be read fully, as they include important medical related information e.g. who shouldn't float.


Key highlights are.....

One (1) x 1 Hour Float Experience:

  • Once purchased, your float credit will be in you account online.

  • Buy one or many, it is up to you.

  • You can buy a float gift e-voucher for immediate family (as per the Blue Light Card terms).

  • The expiry of floats purchased under the Blue Light Scheme is 6 months.

    Please Note:
    Blue Light offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers, promotions, or concessions.
    Urban Wellness Float offers and memberships are subject to change without notice.



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