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float experience room in aberdeen

The Float Experience


There are a few ways to get the best out of your float session, so once you are in the Float Room and lying down in the water, these things can make a difference to your experience:

Body Position

The most important thing is to get comfortable. At first, try to position your body in the middle of the room and try to avoid bouncing from side to side. Everyone’s body is different and often the back of the neck is an area of tension. Let your head fall back a little and your neck will relax, don’t worry about your head, we promise it will not sink. If the first position isn’t comfortable, try to move around until you find a more comfortable position, here are two of our favourite positions – with your arms at your side, palms down or arms over-head with your palms up.


We provide you with a HALO neck support. The HALO was developed by a Float Centre in Canada specifically for the Floating industry. The HALO is effectively a cushion that allows the head to float in a more natural supine position. This enables the neck to completely relax and can dramatically reduce neck pain and discomfort while floating.

As every body, head and neck is different, please try with and without the HALO during the lights-on phase.



Your breath is the most effective tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. Try to breathe primarily from your nose. At first, you can consciously take deep breaths, but once you settle into your experience try less to manipulate the breath and more just observing the breath. Don’t worry your body will always remember to breath. If you have practiced any meditation or breathing techniques, floating is the perfect opportunity to use them.



Being physically still after finding a comfortable position you are happy wit h and remaining there combined with stilling your mind either through breath awareness or a focus word (mantra) can lead you into a state of holistic stillness. This is when the body is in a state of healing.

Letting Go


When you have found a position which is comfortable just lie there, some experienced floaters ‘let go’ almost instantly. However, for new floaters laying still in unknown surroundings can be daunting. There is no set of rules to advise what is the best to do in the room, we just advise to not force things. Try not to do anything. More importantly don’t expect something to happen.

Mind Chatter


There is no need to consciously control your thoughts, allow the “mind chatter” to happen, this is part of de-stressing. For anyone that uses breathing techniques, it is pretty powerful to do them during your float session to get into a deeper relaxation state quickly.


Useful Technique

For those of you that are new to any breathing and don’t fancy meditation, try just taking nice relaxed deep breaths, inhale and exhale, and then count in your head the inhale time, e.g. 1 PAUSE 2 PAUSE 3 PAUSE 4 and then count the exhale time and try to get the inhale and exhale to even out (a good way to practice cutting out that mind chatter) You may become aware of your breathing – this is a great sign. In the absence of external stimulation, this awareness will help you to relax and ultimately ‘let go.’

"Everyone floats differently, and we love this fact that we are all unique!"


Your Float Therapy Session

Each Float Room visit will include the following structure:

Urban Wellness Float Logo Concept Circle


10 mins

Urban Wellness Float Logo Concept Circle


1.05 hour

Urban Wellness Float Logo Concept Circle


15 mins

Your entire Float Session will last 1 hour 30 minutes and this is made up of a 1 hour Float plus 15 minutes either side of your Float to shower, undress and dress.

  • Pre-Float: After you shower (no shampoo nor body soap) and before you step into the Float room,  dry your face thoroughly, so any water droplets don’t annoy you and you're tempted to wipe your face with your salty hands !  Drape your towel over the door handle 'just in case' you need to use it. We strongly recomend the use of ear-plugs to ensure salty water doesn't get into your ears.

  • Float Session: The music, star-light ceiling and bath lighting will be on, indicating the start of the session. Use this time to become comfortable and maybe experiment with the HALO. Start to relax now. After 10 minutes, lights and music will go off. Leaving you to totally relax for the next 50 minutes. Then 5 minutes before the end of your Float, the music and lights will come on, letting you know you session is coming to an end. During this last 5 minutes, don't jump-up. Imagine you have just woken from a deep and relaxing sleep. Use the grab bar to help you stand up.

  • Only one thing we ask everyone to do before exiting the Float Room is to wring off as much salty water as possible whilst standing in the Float Room before exiting.

  • After Float: Exiting into the dry heated floor area makes sure you're not subjected to a big temperature change, it's still lovely and cozy. Shower again to remove any salty residue. Make sure to get water and soap into your ears to make sure no salt is left.

  • Once you’re dressed, that’s you fully floated… then leave or ‘float’ (pardon the pun) out of the room, and take a seat in the waiting area, hydrate with some Kinetic (alkaline) water and relax for a few minutes before heading onto your next destination.

  • Post Float: Over the next few days and as much as 5 days, you may experience other body or mind changes and health benefits. You may be more energised, have greater clarity and focus, make decisions easier or quicker. Aches and pains have reduced or have gone, or your posture improved. 

  • Your skin will feel lovely and soft as your body has absorbed so much magnesium during your immersion in water. This condition will stay with you some time.

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