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First Float


First Time Float Arrival Information


You will have recieved your induction video appx 24 hours ahead of your Float time.

Please arrive 10 Minutes before your appointment to allow your Float guide to provide you with some reminders and about your Float visit. Upon arrival you will be asked for any health updates you may have for us. 

Pre-Float Care

Below is a list of a things that you need to be aware of before your first float, so please read carefully.

  • Coloured hair: Wait two weeks before floating, and make sure your hair is not still coloring water when you wash it - no exceptions.

  • Spray/Fake Tanning: Wait 5 days before you float - no exceptions.

  • Caffeine: Little to no caffeine before you float – reduces stimulus to the brain (and the bladder)

  • Hair Removal: Do not shave or wax at least 8hrs before your float session, the salt may sting a little, and you do not want discomfort through your float.

  • Food & Drink: Hydrate and eat only a light meal 2 hours prior to your float (rather than a heavy one)

  • Contact Lens: Keep a contact lens case and solution with you if needed.

  • Clothing: A swimsuit is not necessary - you will always have privacy in our Float Suite.

  • Hygiene: Please go to the toilet before you float.  Hygiene is of the utmost importance to us, that’s why our Float Room is drained and disinfected after each use. The saline solution is filtered through an extensive multi-filter system to ensure all impurities are removed.

  • Towels: Every guest must bring their own towel. But if you forget, a towel can be provided.

  • Showering: Showering to remove any perfumes, aftershaves, hair products, moisturizers, and generally clean the skin is also required pre-float.

  • Ear Plugs: We provide biodegradable foam expansion plugs, or biodegradable mouldable wax if you need them. Or bring your own if you have them.

  • Mobile phone: Ideally switched OFF or on silent

  • Remove all jewellery and you are good to go!!

What to Expect from your First Float

Before you take your first float, there are several things for you to consider. Your float experience will depend on your state of mind and your expectations, but please come with an open mind.

You will begin by entering into in the quiet space of the Float Room under a starlit roof if you like some light or darkness otherwise and be floating in “heavy” Epsom salt water, heated to body temperature, and will have the feeling of floating weightlessly in space. 


Reactions can range wildly for each person, but the most common response is deep relaxation. Knowing what to expect physically will make your experience a truly satisfying one. Also, remember, as you would train your body for something, for example a marathon race, you keep training to get your body used to it. The same with the brain, people do crosswords and get better at those, its exactly the same with floating, you have to almost let the body and mind train itself to “let go” for a change and take on board the experience.

Also, please read our Helpful Floating Guidelines for 1st Time Float it goes into details for your arrival and Float.

"Generally, much of the first float is spent getting used to this new environment. This will be the first time in your life that your nervous system does not have to deal with gravity"


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