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  • If you are planning to take out a Membership, please register in the booking system. It makes it so much easier to change things or cancel when you need to.

  • Memberships are purchased and payments taken via our online booking system and are valid immediately following purchase and are automatically renewed each month.

  • You are entitled to the stated number of floats per month and other benefits as stipulated for your chosen membership.

  • For 2 Float plan memberships - this can be shared with one other person, a family member or partner or whoever you chose. That person needs to register on our Scheduling System so you can "SHARE" the one Float per month with them.

  • The second nominated person can be changed once over the membership term, if required.

  • For 4 Float plan memberships - this can be shared with 3 other persons if required; family member or partner or whoever you chose.  The 1, 2 or 3 nominated persons need to individually register on our Scheduling System so you can "SHARE" their Float per month with them.

  • The 2 and 4 Float plan membership must be purchased by a single individual and paid by a single debit/credit Voucher.

  • All Memberships initially have a minimum 2 month commitment period during which cancellation may not be made. Following this 2 month period, you can cancel your membership by:

    • use the CANCEL MEMBERSHIP button link in your original confirmation email, or

    • if you have registered, log-in and select CANCEL MEMBERSHIP button

    • the responsibility to cancel your membership is yours alone

  • If due to personal or work reasons you need to freeze your membership, you can do this for up to a period of 3 months. This saves you having to re-register. Rolling Float credits will not be available to use during this period. But you will never lose a Float you have paid for - we guarantee this.

  • By signing up for membership you consent to receive occasional emails about member-only special offers and deals, and other membership-related information.

  • When you sign up to membership, you will need to input details of a debit or credit card.  These are securely stored by our payment processor STRIPE.  The card will be charged the monthly membership fee on the day of the month that you signed up.  Months are charged in advance.  Paid membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • You can change your membership level at any time if you would like to upgrade/downgrade. Please contact Urban Wellness Float to arrange this

1, 3 & 5 Float Session Purchase

  • If, after your first float you decide you would like to take advantage of the 3 or 5 Float package, you can purchase an upgrade at the Hub on the day of your first Float.  The first Float will be taken off your 3 or 5 Float quota.

  • 3 and 5 Float packages are not shareable nor transferable.  They are designed to allow the individual to truly experience what floatation has to offer.


Gift Vouchers

  • Gift Vouchers are purchased via our online booking system.

  • Standard Gift Vouchers purchases are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

  • Gift Vouchers can be downloaded after purchasing or email immediately or email on a future date.

  • Gift Vouchers are non refundable.

  • Physical PAPER Gift Vouchers can be provided upon request at a small token cost of £1.50 inlc postage.

  • Gift Voucher bought as a Special Offer e.g. discounted are subject the conditions below, the main consideration is they are valid for 3 months only.


Gift Voucher Redemptions

  • Booking with a Gift Voucher can be done on our booking system.

  • Every gift Voucher has a unique number which will be needed when making a booking online.

  • The person receiving the gift card must agree to these terms and conditions before they can float.

  • The person receiving the gift card must go onto our booking system, register for an account to access their Float credit before making a booking.


Prices and Special Offers

  • We aim to ensure all prices and website content are current at all times, but we are only human and if we make a mistake we may not be able to honour it.

  • Special offers may change without prior notice so if you want to be sure of securing the special offer price, ensure that it is live on the website when you make your booking

  • All Special Offers (eg Black Friday; Haloween; NHS specials etc) are valid for 3 or 4 months only. This is made clear at the time of booking.



  • Booking cancellations must be made at no later than 24 hours prior to your session and the cancellation be made online. Otherwise, your forfeit your payment.



  • If you book an appointment and do not attend the session, then you will unfortunately lose your payment/Gift Voucher Float/Membership Float


Float Induction - 1st Float Only

  • New Customer on their 1st Float - our Float Induction is a mandatory requirement for Health & Safety reasons. A video has been created to help you get the most from your Float.

  • New Customer must arrive 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled booking time to recieve an induction


Late Arrival

  • New customer - If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you can still float but your Float time will be reduced proportionately.

  • Existing customer – if you arrive late, you can still float but your time will be reduced proportionately to your late arrival.



  • Whilst we try very hard to ensure your Float provides you with a experience is good one at Urban Wellness Float, should you have any complaints, please give your feedback before departing the Urban Wellness Hub or drop us an email float@urbanwellnesshub.co.uk

  • We will endeavour to respond to your email within 24 hours and work the issue through to a satisfactory conclusion.


Age Restrictions

  • Sorry, the minimum age to enjoy a floatation session is 14 years old, due to Health & Safety and insurance reasons. We may require you to produce photo ID as proof of age. However, 14 and 15 olds may Float only if accompanied by a parent or guardian who will have to remain on the premises for the duration of the Float session.


Health - General Restrictions

There will be wet and potentially slippery surfaces in the float centre. You must behave with due care and attention during your visit.

You must not float if you:

  • are under the influence of any alcohol or drugs

  • have open wounds, sores, or rashes

  • have any contagious disease

  • have incontinence

  • have uncontrolled kidney disease

  • have uncontrolled psychosis or schizophrenia

  • have an uncontrolled seizure disorder

  • have uncontrolled low blood pressure

  • have an uncontrolled heart condition

  • have recently had chemotherapy

  • are allergic to Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate)

  • are in the first trimester of pregnancy


If you have one of these conditions listed above, you must consult your healthcare professional to get confirmation from them that it is safe for you to float and that by floating you would not put others at risk. If your healthcare professional requires more information about floatation before they can make this judgement, please given them our Float documentation which explains floatation.

If floating while on your period, you must use a tampon or menstrual cup to control your flow, as you would in a swimming pool. If you use a tampon please ensure it is fully inserted.

If you suffer from severe motion sickness in other circumstances (eg in a boat, car etc), there is a chance you could suffer from it in a Float Room. If you usually use medication to control your motion sickness in these circumstances, you may wish to consider doing so in the case of floating.

If you are diabetic, please be aware that floating reduces the cortisol level in the body, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.

If you have a health condition and are in any doubt about whether you can float safely, please consult your doctor before booking.



  • Urban Wellness Hub is completely on the ground floor and has disabled access to the front door. You must be capable of independently moving around the Hub safely.

  • Getting in and out of the Float Room is similar to getting in and out of a bath. You must be able to do this unaided.

  • If a carer or partner is required to assist you getting out of the room, this can be easily arranged with prior notice.


Email Enquiries


Website Content

  • While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all content on the website, some errors may occur, and Urban Wellness Float is not liable for any perceived inaccuracies



  • We guarantee - Your personal details will not be shared with any 3rd parties by Urban Wellness Hub nor Urban Wellness Float.


Thank you... And Breathe…

Thanks for reading this far, its appreciated but the wee writing has all the important stuff you need to know about. We are looking forward to welcoming you for your first and subsequent Floats.

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