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Helpful Floating Guidelines for your 1st Time Float


Whilst we have tried to cover the main points in our animated video, we think there are a few other key points….


Our Float Room and suite were exceptionally clean and spotless before the lockdown as we had to maintain extremely high levels of hygiene at all times. So as difficult as it was to raise the bar further, we have incorporated a number of significant changes.


  • The time gap pre-lockdown was 30 minutes between Float clients. This is now 45 minutes. This ensures an arriving client doesn’t meet a departing client on the premises and gives us time to do the additional sanitisation we have put in place. Sadly this reduces the number of Float slots we have available each day.

  • Every door handle is sanitised and all touch points are sanitised after each client leaves.

  • We run a UV Light unit inside the Float Room.

  • In addition, we sanitise the water-line of the Float Room, the entire door (inside and outside), the grab bar and light buttons, adding another hygiene safety net into the Float Room.

  • We invested in 6 HALOs pillows and they are washed and sanitised after each use, and strictly rotated.

  • We invested in a ‘Misting’ machine to ensure all areas of the Hub get an extra layer of sterilising protection.


FIRST FLOAT? - if you are coming for your first Float we ask you’re at the front door 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time. Your guide will run over some key points and reminders of the Float Room, then show you to the Float Suite before your session begins, maintaining Social Distancing guidelines at all time.


Here are a few suggestions to help you to get the most from this wonderful therapy:

  • Prior to entering the Float Suite please use the restroom if necessary.

  • Shoes must be removed before entering the Float Suite. A plastic box is provided to store them in which we ask you take with you into the Float Suite.

  • Once within the Suite remove all jewellery, contact lenses or glasses and leave in small tray provided.

  • Insert the earplugs that are provided*

  • Please take 1st shower, water ONLY and temperature set lower than you would normally shower, luke warm but not cold**

  • Then dry your face VERY THOROUGHLY***

  • Cover any cuts or abrasions with a thin layer of Vaseline to seal out the salt water. If you plan on using Vaseline, we suggest you open the sachet before you shower when your hands are dry. As sometimes they are difficult to rip open. (just like those pesky tomato ketchup sachets :>) )

  • Place your towel on the outside door handle so it’s easily reached if needed.

  • Take your HALO into the Float Room with you.

  • We recommend, NO SWIMMING COSTUMES - Birthday suit not Bathing suit

  • Get into the water slowly; use the grab handle on the left hand side of the entrance, position yourself in the middle of the room with your head at the door, and lie down on your back, and now you’re floating effortlessly!  (many people laugh out loud at this point, as it seems so strange)

  • Allow your arms to place themselves into a comfortable position, try above your head, at your side, resting on your belly or behind your head. Be careful not to splash any water in your eyes !!

  • As this is your first float you may feel some tension in your neck…consciously relax your head back into the water and you will float comfortably.

  • If you still feel neck tension, try floating with your arms above your head or clasped behind your neck. This may help to ease the tension, which is a symptom of stress. Another option is to use the ‘HALO’ float aid under your head. 9 out of 10 people prefer using the HALO.

  • Remember that there is a lot of salt in the water so do not rub your eyes. If you do accidentally get any salt into you eye, just reach outside the door and use your towel to dry them off.

  • The lights are on and music being played for the first TEN minutes of your float to help you relax, both lights and music switches off, and then there is total and absolute silence.

  • There is no need to consciously control your thoughts, allow the “brain chatter” to happen, this is part of de-stressing.

  • Don’t worry about falling asleep or dozing off – many people do.

  • When the music starts up and the lights come back on again after the silence, your session is nearing its end. Don’t jump up. Imagine you have just woken from a restful sleep, take things slowly.

  • To leave the Float room, sit up and get your balance use the grab handle to help you stand up.

  • One thing we ask of everyone - please wring the salt from your body, arms and legs and hair so as to leave as much of the salt solution in the Float room as possible, it’s kinder to the environment too!

  • Step out of the Float Room and close the door behind you immediately to preserve the heat

  • You will need to shower afterwards to rinse the salt solution from hair and body and we have Vegan, non-chemical shampoo and body wash to help. Or you can bring your own if you prefer.

  • Please place earplugs and Vaseline sachet (if used) in the wee bin near the stool.


Your First Float

Before you take your first float, there are several things for you to consider:

  • In a dark, quiet environment, you will be floating in “heavy” water, heated to skin temperature.   You will have the feeling of floating weightlessly in space. 

  • Your experience will depend on your state of mind and your expectations.

  • Reactions have ranged from euphoria to boredom; the most common response is deep relaxation. 

  • Knowing what to expect physically will make your experience a truly satisfying one.

  • Generally, much of the first float is spent getting used to this new environment.  It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the surroundings right away.

  • You will be aware initially of your breathing and your heartbeat.  This is a good sign!  In the absence of external stimulation, this awareness will actually help you to relax.

  • During the relaxation process, you may be aware of the areas of your body that hold more tension and resist relaxation.  Old injuries are often cushioned by the body’s tightening of the surrounding muscles.

  • Some people experience twitching of arms or legs as a result of the above

  • Often the back of the neck is an area of some special tension.  Let your head fall back a little and your neck will relax.  Don’t worry about your head. It will not sink.  You may want to experiment with different arm positions to help you relax. 



* Insert the earplugs that are provided - You need to squeeze the foam ones tightly, rolling it between your forefinger and thumb to create a long thin point. Quickly insert them into your ear and keep your finger on the plug until you feel them expand fully. Do the same on the other side.


** Why a luke warm water shower? – Interestingly your body reacts quickly to a drop in skin temperature and works hard to bring it back up to the norm. Hot water has the opposite effect and the body doesn’t see heat as it’s enemy. So when you get into the Float Room your skin temperature will quickly normalise itself with the water temperature which is set at 35.6 degrees being the average skin temperature for the majority of people.


*** Dry your face VERY THOROUGHLY - We ask you dry your face to ensure there is no moisture on it when you enter into the Float Room. So you will know that any moisture that does appear will 99.9% be perspiration and not salt water. Please don’t be tempted to wipe off the moisture with your hands, try and blink it out – this is good moisture to have on your face.

After Floating


Always try and relax after floating. This gentle transition back to the outside world is very important if you wish to gain the maximum benefit from your Float. Just rushing out immediately and doing stuff will burn off many benefits before your nervous system has had a chance to integrate them – so a quiet sit is well worth it even if it’s in your car before heading home or back to work.


By the time you get to your car, you will find an email from us which is the document we provide to all 1st time Float clients. It contains really interesting information that will help you contextualise your Float experience. Did other people experience what you did? So we ask you read the Post Float document as soon as you can before your memory fades your experience.

It does take three floats to really begin to get the most out of floating.  You will probably find your second and third floats quite different from the first.  Some reasons for this are:

  • Relaxation is much deeper and more immediate

  • You become more familiar with the room, staff and procedures so you feel more at home

  • Memory recall is great. Your mind will associate the previous Float/s you’ve taken and you will have less or no concerns or stress about getting into the Float Room.

  • Your mind will remember it was safe, cozy, relaxing and a nice environment, so you will get more from your Float.

  • There is an cumulative or continuous effect from previous floats. It’s like doing crosswords or Sodoku - your brain needs training.


The first float is normally very good – subsequent ones are generally much better, but not always in that order.


We leave you with one anecdote from a Float client who had bought a 3-Float Pack....

She told us that if she had only bought one Float she wouldn’t have returned, whilst she enjoyed it very much but not enough to hurry back. Because she had two other Floats to use up, she returned for her 2nd Float the following week and told us afterwards – "thank God I bought the 3-Float Pack. The Float I had today was like nothing on earth. I was so relaxed I fell asleep. I feel alive when I got out and not tired, I feel my batteries have been recharged like never before. The stiffness in my body and joints have gone - thank God I bought the 3-Float Pack”

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