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At Urban Wellness Float - we have a ROOM

This is not a tank, not a pod, nor a bath, nor a chamber - but a full sized room

So what's the difference between a ROOM a TANK a POD a CHAMBER or BATH?

The one thing in common all float centres have, is the use of Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts or its proper scientific name is Magnesium Sulfate MgS04 has been used for thousands of years for health and wellness and medicinal benefits.


Water Temperature: For a proper sensory deprivation environment, the water must also be at skin temperature. So typically open baths can't maintain the strict temperature needed.

So this leaves us with tanks, chambers and pods.

Tanks and Chambers aren't common in  commercial float centres, they tend to be used primarily for scientific and medical research purposes. However, they were regularly featured in many movies such as Altered States, Stranger Things, Fringe amongst others, which is why some people think, float room = float tank or chamber.

As the pictures below shows, pods, tanks and chambers all have one thing in common. The person  floating, closes a lid or hatch to secure themselves inside the unit.


With a room, you enter through an over-sized doorway, normally the threshold is the height of a regular sized bath you get at home.

The vaulted starlight ceiling inside a room is hard to reach, so the person in a room doesn't experience the confined space or claustrophobic effect associated with pods and tanks.

A FLOAT ROOM with large door and high, vault starlight ceiling


PODS vary in both size and technology

float pod.jpg

TANKS and CHAMBERS look more industrial and used in research

float tank 2.jpg

BATHS are open, usually set inside a private Spa room

float bath.jpg

In summary, at Urban Wellness Float we deliberately chose to install a full sized Float Room rather than (say) two Pods, as we felt that many of our potential customers would not care to step inside a pod and enclose themselves with a lid. We are glad we went down the Float Room route.

If you suffer from enclosed space issues or claustrophobia, give us a call and you are welcome to visit us and check out the Float Room for yourself.
We have had many customers who float with us, who suffer from claustrophobia or fear of confined spaces.

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