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At Urban Wellness Float, we are proud to introduce a unique Floatation experience to our customers. We are passionate about helping you make empowered choices towards your own health and well-being and offer you the perfect place to relax, reset and restore at our purpose built Float Room, the first one in Scotland.


Have you spotted out new photos across the website and on our social media posts?

Special thanks to award-winning Beth, of "Beth Hopkins Photography" and the world famous "Floofs and Snoots". 

Beth really did amazing work against really difficult conditions inside the Float Room.

Please take a minute to check out Beth's work, and if you love animals, take a look at Floofs and Snoots.


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 As well as Float Room Therapy being good for those that experience stress or anxiety it's ideal for those who are interested in Floating for Sports, for Health or for Pregnancy too.

Are you ready to find out more about Float Room Therapy and take your well-being to a whole different level?


Floating gives your body the ultimate chance to relax, reset and restore. By creating a weightless environment (think zero gravity), you are letting your body release tension and find its own optimal alignment. Our Float Room is light-proof and sound-proof that gives you stress-free down time and space to unwind, so whether you are a regular or one time floater, research shows that floating will benefit your health in both a proactive and reactive way.

The Floatation Room experience is truly "like nothing on earth", it is the most pure, natural state of awareness and profoundly deep relaxation. 


Below are some of the benefits for the Body, the Mind & the Spirit.


Relief from physical pain 

Alleviates physical stresses on the body & gives it a recharge


Decreases cortisol - 

the stress hormone 

Aids sleep & combats jet lag

Boosts immunity

Calms the nervous system - think ‘Body Reset’

Heightens senses - such as increased visual acuity, increased taste palette and auditory changes


Increases Endorphins -

your ‘happy’ hormone

Brings deep relaxation

Stimulates the balance and left brain/right brain synchronisation

Brings you from day to day ‘beta wave’ brain state through alpha waves into ‘theta state’ (which is the zone between awake and asleep)


Enhances mental clarity

Boosts motivation


Fantastic for deepening meditation practise

Increases creativity

Heightens visualisation

Removes all external distractions & stresses

Yoga class, therapy treatment & float session combined - Think the Ultimate Zen Zone & we can take no responsibility for you feeling like you are on a different planet for days! 


Aids quicker muscle recovery - ideal pre and post events & injury recovery

Facilitates in enhanced physical performance

Heightens senses

Mental clarity & focus

Aids visualisation/sports performance techniques

Improves oxygen circulation

Reduces body fatigue and cortisol levels

A pro active health care tool, to help reduce sporting injuries, aches and pains

Reduces lactic acid build up


Used globally to both reduce & give relief from Fibromyalgia, Arthritic Pain and more

Speeds up injury recovery

Soothes muscle pain

Decrease the production of Adrenaline, Cortisol, Lactic Acid & ACTH

Improves circulation

Research has proven it has a significant effect on anxiety


Relieves pregnancy pains

With the outside sensory reduction (i.e. the time out away from everything) it will heighten connection with your body and baby

Reduces stress in the mumma (keeps the hormones balanced for both mum and baby)

Gives you the experience of floating in the womb as your baby is doing with you (again creating the mother and baby bond)

Use the float tank session to practise a visualisation, hypno-birthing routine or deepen a birthing meditation


Floatation; also known as Floating or R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environment Stimulus Therapy), Isolation tank and Sensory Deprivation, is a therapy whereby you float safely, comfortably and effortlessly in 10” of magnesium Epsom salts, within a spacious Float Room. The salts give the water its buoyancy, so your body can float with ease... Imagine no noise interference, social media or people distractions just complete peace from the outside world.


Do you have questions about Floating and what your first float experience will be like? We have put together some FAQS which will help answer the most commonly asked questions.


"Used the float room last night.... WOW... WOW...WOW...what an experience...the room itself is beautiful and so peaceful and relaxing. The float was superb, it’s takes a little time to get used to the weightlessness and relax into it. But once you do it’s amazing. You have the option of light on or off and ceiling stars too..
I tried with lights off for a while... now that’s an experience.... feels like you are floating in space.... your senses really kick in.

I will defo be a regular floater, I am so happy that Urban Wellness have invested in an amazing self help experience for body and mind.. amazing people, amazing venue, I highly recommend folks to try this out. Great experience" 10/10 ☺️💕💕💕

Alison M, Aberdeen

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