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We are delighted to offer unique discounts on Float Therapy, to fellow members of AGCC 

Urban Wellness Float is the perfect place to find ultimate relaxation and natural healing! Established in 2017 by a family-owned business, our float therapy has helped countless people manage stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, injury recovery, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and MS and much more.

Unwind and discover a new level of wellbeing today

Our offer from Urban Wellness Float are for Chamber Members and employees of the Member Company.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to any Chamber Member who may be interested in a wider health, wellbeing and wellness package for their staff or contractors or family members. Services include:

Aberdeen Bowen & EMMETT Therapy FINAL 50.webp

Introducing Aberdeen Bowen – a well-being service run by a team of highly qualified practitioners with over 15 years of experience, headed by mum Linda and daughters Emma and Fiona. Using the effective, non-invasive Bowen technique, this family works to reset, re-balance and repair your body through small rolling movements over the muscles, ligaments and fascia.

Aberdeen Bowen also provide: Reflexology; Reiki; ACCESS BARS; TMJ; Hopi Candling.
Swedish Massage is also available at the Urban Wellness Hub.

urban wellness health.png

Injectables - keeping employees and family healthy with a range of injectables including; B12; Vitamin B Complex; Glutathion injections; Bioten Injections; and Vitimin C. Administered by Advanced Nurses Practitioners (ANPs).

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Managing Rising Workplace Stress: Discover Relief at Urban Wellness Health and Float:

The modern work environment is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for stress, with factors like the rising cost of living and experienced hire shortages placing additional pressure on employees. As stress levels soar, it's crucial to recognize the toll it can take on our overall wellbeing and productivity. At Urban Wellness Hub and Float, we understand the challenges faced by today's workforce. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof to support you in managing stress and its associated symptoms. Let us guide you toward a healthier and more balanced life. Including Lunch & Learn sessions.

The Ear Care Clinic at Urban Wellness Hub is staffed by fully qualified Nurses. With over 38 years combined experience in ear assessments, ear consultations and practical, hands-on, ear irrigation techniques.

Essentially Emmett is a trusted canine and equine therapy provider, delivering services within the Grampian Region. My approach is holistic, with a belief that there is no such thing as a 'bad dog' or 'problem horse', and that they have developed strategies for survival and protection.

Dog treatments at the Urban Wellness Hub and large animals at stable yard or farm.

Float Offers for Chamber Members


FLOAT Terms & Conditions (abv)

Our full Terms and Conditions of sale should be read fully (here), as they include important medical related information e.g. who shouldn't float.

Key highlights are:

3 x 1 hour float experience pack is for one person use only. Experts state it requires 3 x Floats for the body and mind to get in balance and receive the optimum benefit of Float Therapy.


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