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Upgrade to AMAZING new booking system

Please bear with us for a short while as we move to a new booking system. All existing bookings will appear in the new system. All Float credits you have will show up in the new system.

Here is a bit of background that some of you know, but worth sharing again....

When we were about to open the Float Room in May 2019 and one week before opening we got a frantic message from FloatHELM, the only dedicated Float Centre software in the world and the one we had chosen to use for our Float Room.

So the Sunday morning call came along with some bad news, the EU had changed the law regarding online money processing platforms to combat money laundering and unless we did something like 10,000 transactions per day, we were not able to use America's largest online payment processor.

So with 5 days to go we had to search for new scheduling software, learn how it works which wasn't easy, redesign and build all our Float packages from scratch in a new format and very different from FloatHELM software, set schedules for each day, sign-up with a UK payment processor, rebuild our website to accomodate the new software, test, test and test again to make sure everything was hanging together properly.

When the booking system went live, it seemed to be doing the job as far as we could see. However, we didn't bank on Mother's Day a few days later, and people buying Gift Vouchers.

So in the Ross household when the first email enquiry came in, the question was asked "who was dealing with setting up Gift Vouchers and Codes?". Seems we had overlooked this, in the rush to get the booking system working.

By now we had over 20 emails looking to buy Mother's Day gift vouchers and Mother's Day only a few days off.

So back to the online tutorials, watching learning videos and within 8 or 9 hours we had our first Gift Voucher sold online. Before that, we had already reverted to creating and printing vouchers for collection, or emailing them to our clients saying "we trust you, pay us at the Urban Wellness Hub when you are passing". That was a tough week!

Fast forward two years - FloatHELM approached us and told us they can now operate within Europe and the UK and asked if were still interested in their software scheduling system. It was a no-brainer for us, as we knew this was software written by a Float Centre for Float Centres.

Fiona and Emma took on the role of data migration which, to be honest, has been an absolute nightmare. Software providors don't make it easy for you to shift away from them. So most of the data has had to be copied & pasted then reformatted in Excel, then missing data added manually.

After 2 weeks, the task was finally completed on Sun 2nd and the FloatHELM development team are now building our new system over this weekend. We will be testing on Mon 10th and Tue 11th before going live.

Hence, the booking system is therefore closed-down and will reopen on Wed 12th May.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

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