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Urban Wellness Float is 4 years old this month – check out what we are planning

The Ross and Float family finds it hard to believe that Urban Wellness Float is 4 years old this month, on the 5th to be precise, and to celebrate our birthday we are offering different deals each week for a float experience at a very special rate.

This week’s offer is calculated by using our opening date and month: 5 + 6 + 23 = 34 or £34. Both gift vouchers and individual floats are available at this special price, but only a limited number available.

Urban Wellness Float have donated over 200 floats to local charities and good causes since we opened. Plus, over 90 discount vouchers to various fund-raising campaigns.

Please check out our social media pages to see where we are going with our Free Float Vouchers, being dropped off at local landmarks each week during the month . You simply have to figure out where they are and pick one up if you are in that area.

Float Therapy is an ‘out of this world’ experience, floating in 10” water saturated with Epsom Salt (aka magnesium) to give you buoyancy. No noise, no distractions, no nothing !! It is so hard to explain the feeling of floating in a calm and silent environment. Many medical papers written in support of floating for anyone struggling with mental health issues, stress and anxiety. Also, bone or skin conditions such as MND, MS, arthritis and more.

Or simply use the time to relax and let the aches and pains fade away.

Head over to book at and use the code: weare4 for the £34 float deal.

Or call us on 07488 385013 if you need any information.

Our tag line says it all: Relax - Reset - Restore

Urban Wellness Float, 6 Balgownie Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB22 8FD

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