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Combat Jet Lag - Offshore Europe Visitors

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Urban Wellness Float
combat jet lag

Urban Wellness Float are reaching out to visitors attending Offshore Europe next week. With 1 hour of Floating = 3.5 to 4 hours REM sleep, there is no better known method of recalibrating the mind and body by having a Float.

Urban Wellness Hub are extending their opening times to accomodate new potential clients attending the world famous show

But you don't have to a long-haul visitor to benefit from one hour of Float Therapy. Working on an exhibition stand all day or walking round the massive halls can put a toll on your body, especially when you aren't used to doing this.

Tension in the neck, legs, kness and ankles are particularly hard hit when attending trade shows. We know - we've done them before.

Apart from the Float-relaxation benefits, the body will absorb massive amounts of magnesium that will address aches and pains rapidly leaving you refreshed and energised for the next day, or a night in the town!

We are only 15 minutes from AECC and 10 minutes into the centre of Aberdeen over the new Diamond Bridge.

Check out our FAQs HERE

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