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Looking for a different corporate Christmas gift for colleagues? Why not buy a float bundle...

More people are looking for ways to reduce their stress and anxiety, quieten their mind and alleviate physical pains and injuries.

The Urban Wellness Hub in Aberdeen opened their Float Room in the summer of 2019 and have a huge number of testimonials from clients describing the mind and body health benefits that they've experienced during and after their float/s, from better sleep quality and a clear head space to greater alertness and profound deep relaxation.

Co-founder of the Hub, Emma Ross, said: “I had experienced the benefits of floats myself – I’d had a sports injury and it was a great way to alleviate the pain because it took the strain off my joints.

“But it also became a way for me to quieten my mind. I was always on the go and even the first time I floated I didn’t feel like I’d switched off. But I love it now because the room is designed so there are no interruptions or distractions.”

The Float Room, the only one in Scotland, is a modern take on the sensory deprivation tanks and isolation chambers that were popular in the 1970s and 80s. They were originally designed by NASA to simulate the effects of weightlessness for astronaut training.

Clients float in a pool filled with 10” water, heated to body temperature and filled with Epsom salts and then float for an hour or more. The buoyancy is a similar effect to the Dead Sea. Three senses are removed when floating, namely, hearing, sight and touch.

Proponents of floating include celebrities like Joe Rogan, Wayne Rooney, Beckham and many athletes such as some in the GB Olympics team.

Many scientific research papers have been undertaken which claim that floating regularly can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, lessen the impact of certain mental health issues, decrease stress, and increase energy. People with MS, arthritis and other bone or skin conditions are regular visitors because of the immediate health benefits they get.

To find out more about the Urban Wellness Hub’s float room, and the benefits it can make to your life visit or reach out via e-mail to to enquire about a corporate bundle.

Urban Wellness Float, 6 Balgownie Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen AB22 8UG

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