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Urban Wellness encourage the improvement of sleep with latest podcast

With homeworking increasing the amount of computer use for people, and the ever changing environment adding extra stress to peoples lifestyle, the issue of sleep is becoming a more common health issue.

Add in the lighter morning's and the body's natural ability to regulate itself and get enough quality sleep, the problem is being pushed to its limits.

To address this, and to be able to educate on health and wellbeing while we being closed (at the Hub in Bridge of Don), Urban Wellness thought the focus this month would be to help others with sleep.

It is such an important area to cover, primarily, because sleep is a basic human need to survive and thrive. The longer a persons sleep gets disrupted, or isn’t in a regular cycle, the more it impacts them and connecting issues such as concentration, energy levels, relationships, and capacity to deal with workload.

The local wellbeing business has kicked off March with a podcast from Emma on sleep, which is the third podcast in her wellbeing series. Each podcast provides simple and quick hints and tips to implement and see if it helps improves listeners health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

The podcast can be listened to here:

To keep up to date with the firm's month of sleep education, including different ways to help support sleep through floatation, yoga and relaxation, follow Urban Wellness on various platforms:

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  • Instagram @UWFloat

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