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Who Wants Some Easy Snack Ideas For A Restful Night's Sleep??

You do? Well read on, and find out more…… Scientists say that on average for an adult, we can function well on 6-9 hours sleep (depending on who we are, and our lifestyle). If we don’t get enough sleep, however, that’s when our body lets us know about it!

It can impact:

Focus And Concentration Energy Levels Emotional State, and how we interact with family and friends (and we don’t want to be known as a grumpy bear by our co-workers or friends, do we!?) Sex Drive (Enough said) Overall Ability To Function Day To Day (Yep, afraid so! It may be minimal to begin with, but it can have longer term impact…….So please look in to this, and see a medical professional, if you do find you are suffering from continued sleep issues) Okay, let’s talk food, and touch on some snack idea’s. These are quick and easy to do, may help promote sleep, aaaand additional bonus points (as if better sleep wasn’t enough of reward), These food’s are lighter on the tummy (think, helping your tum to have an easier time with it’s digestive process).

Obviously, it comes down to more than just one or two foods to help create and regulate a healthy sleep pattern, but these snack’s are yummy, (full of the right type of vitamins and minerals), and may help you, with a more holistic approach, towards a good night’s rest.


These can be eaten in a few ways, if you don’t fancy just eating a banana on it’s own.

You could mash it on to a piece of toast or an oatcake. Or hands up, if you have a tried banana omlette?!? (yes it’s a thing :0) Chop up the banana, mix it with 2 eggs, and a tiny splash of milk (Add a drizzle of maple syrup, or some cinnamon……nom, nom, nom!) (My favourite) has to be, chop the banana up into discs, add some Nut Butter on each slice…..delish!

Nut Butters & Nuts

Nut butters (Think cashew, almond, peanut) on: Toast Oatcakes Sliced Fruits

Are all great options, and super quick, to make and eat (and good if you have a sweet tooth!) A handful of nuts on their own, is also a good option (So go grab some walnuts or almonds). If you want to liven it up, add some chopped pieces of dark chocolate, or dried cranberries (change up the taste sensation)

Pro Tip Portion out a snack size into a freezer bag, so it’s ready to go. If you get night time munchies … will save you eating the whole bag of nuts! Soup

Just like a drink, warming soup or broth is an excellent snack to have before bed. A few yummy and lighter options (on your tummy, from a digestive point of view) are: Butternut Squash Carrot Sweet Potato Chicken Broth (Mixing in a can of coconut milk to thicken and satiate your hunger, is a nice change too!) I could go on and on with food snack ideas, but I will finish off with a quick and easy snack idea for a sweet potato… Pop the sweet potato into the microwave, and nuke it (depending on its size and your microwave capacity) for 4-5 mins. Chop off the top, grab a teaspoon, and eat it like a boiled egg….scooping out the potato and leaving the skin as the “shell” Hopefully this little round up, has given you some ideas?

The better support you give your body, the easier it’s job is, to do the necessary when you sleep! Sleep Tight…………Zzzzzzzzzz!! *This blog is part of sleep awareness month we are running via Urban Wellness Hub & Float ( /

You can also catch Emma’s podcast on sleep (with hints and tips to approach your sleep) on

(Image thanks to Alleksandra of Pexels)


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