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When was your business established?

We took over a former council community centre in 2017 and built the float therapy facility in 2019.

What does your business do?

Provides a range of health and wellbeing options. Our particular areas of focus at the Hub are to offer solutions for postural tensions, aches and pains (all the way from migraine relief to joint and back pain) and helping with stress and relaxation. We do this via our resident EMMETT and BOWEN therapists and the main part of our business floatation therapy, which is Scotland’s only Float room. Also known as sensory isolation, sensory-deprivation or R.E.S.T. (restricted environmental stimulation therapy).

What sort of companies do you do business with?

We have been providing corporate wellbeing talks and memberships packages for float sessions with oil and gas companies, as well as the emergency services. Which we hope to expand in 2021. However, our main client base is individuals looking to proactively support their health and we are seeing a rising trend in the floatation room being used for stress management, anxiety, deep-relaxation and sports performance recovery. Our clients are from all industries, including public sector, through to the offshore industry as well as elite athletes.

What is the biggest challenge facing your business at the moment?

Lockdown. Having a mainly bricks and mortar business specifically to deal with health and wellbeing, and not being able to support our clients. We have even had requests from GPs looking for appointments and surprised to find we are not open. Our float room is one of the most sterile and hygienic environments on the planet. Float rooms are open in England but not in Scotland! And the biggest opportunity? Getting more companies to join the dots between proactively supporting their workforce (especially as we come out of lockdown) with a proven wellbeing therapy like floating and helping the workforce maintain a healthy mind and body. We have designed SME membership packages that may suit many Chamber members.

What are you most passionate and proud of when it comes to business?

Pre CV19 was reading the client testimonial journal that people would complete after their 1st, 2nd, 5th or 7th float. How it has helped them, in some cases lifechanging, and many getting quite emotional after their float experience. It is very humbling to hear


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