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Float Bank (Gifting it Forward)

Did you know - over the last 2 years, many people kindly donated Float Vouchers to gift to others who would get significant benefits from Float Therapy. The majority of the gifted vouchers went to people with MS, Arthritis and PTSD.

2019 Gift Vouchers

During 2020 we honoured every Float Voucher and unused Float credit by extending the expiry date for everyone. We promised that no one will lose a Float because of an expiry date. We still stand by our promise.

Given the recent CV-19 updates, anyone who still has unused Gift Vouchers or Float credits from 2019 we kindly request those be used before July 2021.

If for whatever reason you still cannot use your 2019 Float credit, please get in touch.

Alternatively, see below idea as a suggestion on how you can benefit others.

When we reopen in May 21, we would welcome any donations of unused Float Vouchers or unused Float credits from 2019 which we can pass on to others.

During the last 2 years, the Ross family have donated over 100 Float sessions to charity groups, good causes and individuals, and we loved to get positive feedback from those who benefited from the experience.

We also plan on featuring donations on the website and social media, as it's not something we broadcasted before but have been advised we should do so, to make people aware of the conditions Floating is particularly good for.


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